Nitro R

Nitro R

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Style and versatility matched to perfection

Nitro R embodies the essence of Lamborghini, combining superior performance, exclusive design and remarkable versatility with excellent value for money. Two versions are available (GS and LS), with a wide choice of engines, equipment and personalisable configurations to offer the ideal solution for any application, from tillage and sowing to haymaking and handling materials with the front loader.


Aggressive good looks for a highly capable tractor
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Engines built for unrivalled efficiency and productivity
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Transmission: the perfect choice
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Hydraulic system

A hydraulic system capable of working with any implement
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A cab conceived for total comfort
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Maximum power (hp/kW)89/65.599/725.5110/81118/87
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)85/62.595/69.5105/77113/83
Maximum torque (Nm)358397440460
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)4/3620
Lifting capacity (kg)5410
Minimum width (mm)2060206020602060
Weight with cab (kg)4300440044004400



Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust gas recirculation: includes a specific radiator for cooling recirculated exhaust gases, which would otherwise compromise combustion efficiency and increase consumption.


The system uses sensors to monitor a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Different engine speeds can also be set and recalled simply from a dedicated button.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion. By using the DOC in combination with EGR, these engines attain compliance with Tier 4i regulations


To simplify repetitive headland manoeuvres, a sequence of operations can be set and recalled simply from a single button.

Sense Clutch

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches (one clutch pack for each direction) and an electronic control unit. Efficient, robust, reliable and flexible.

Stop & Go

A system maximising the potential of the Sense Clutch power shuttle for superlative manoeuvrability. The driver can temporarily stop the tractor using the brake pedals alone.


Designed to offer the most effective drive ratio in every possible situation. Three powershift speeds are available for each of the mechanical gears, letting the driver alter tractor speed with no interruption in torque delivery.


Integral all-round braking system consisting of multiple wet disc brakes integrated in the front and rear axles. Excellent safety even when working on steep gradients.


Park Brake, for stopping the tractor and maintaining a stationary position in complete safety in all gradients. The park brake consists of a combined mechanical-hydraulic system which exerts a constant pressure on the rear brake discs.
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