Strike CM

Strike CM

The most versatile compact crawler

Developed specifically for maximum productivity and safety in difficult terrain conditions, the extraordinary agility, superior flotation and innate capacity for heavy draft applications of the Lamborghini Strike CM also make it an excellent solution for other tasks, as its unique track chains also ensure outstanding, uncompromised performance in the open field.


Comfort unlike anything else in its class.  
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More power, less consumption.  
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Robust, smooth and reliable.    
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Hydraulic system

Uncompromised performance.
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Unmatched comfort.
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Maximum power (hp/kW)102/75 113/83
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)97/71,5 107/79
Maximum torque (Nm)408 435
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)4 / 3849 4 / 3849
Lifting capacity (kg)2800
Minimum width (mm)1800
Weight with cab (kg)5,080 Kg (without ballast) / 5,880 Kg (with max ballast)



Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust gas recirculation: includes a specific radiator for cooling recirculated exhaust gases, which would otherwise compromise combustion efficiency and increase consumption.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion. By using the DOC in combination with EGR, these engines attain compliance with Stage III B regulations
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