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Nitro VRT

Nitro VRT

100 – 110 – 120 – 130
A continuously variable transmission to match style with strength

Nitro VRT is the essence of the state of the art. A revolutionary tractor with a CVT transmission which fuses extremely innovative technology with inimitable Lamborghini style. Emblematic of elegance but also of strength and reliability the Lamborghini Nitro VRT meets any challenge. Style by Giugiaro Design with exclusive colours. VRT transmission for fully automated ratio selection.

  • Awards

    "Tractor de España" award in the design category
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Unique style by Giugiaro Design gives shape to an ambitious goal: to create a sense of exclusivity in a work machine.
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Class-beating engines: four-cylinder Deutz Tier 4i units combining great performance with excellent fuel economy.
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The continuously variable transmission makes this a multi-role, versatile tractor that is extraordinarily easy to use.
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Hydraulic system

Three different hydraulic system configurations are offered, for maximum power with minimal strain on the engine.
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A comfortable, spacious, airy and soundproofed cab with climate control makes driving a pleasure, and a delight for the senses.
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Technical sheetExpandCollapse

Maximum power (hp/kW)99/72.5110/81118/87127/93
Maximum torque (Nm)397440460480
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)4/3620
Minimum width (mm)1706170617461850
Weight with cab (kg)4800490052005300



VRT continuously variable transmission: for working in the field and driving on the road with an infinite range of speeds.


Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust gas recirculation: includes a specific radiator for cooling recirculated exhaust gases, which would otherwise compromise combustion efficiency and increase consumption.


The system uses sensors to monitor a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Different engine speeds can also be set and recalled simply from a dedicated button.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion. By using the DOC in combination with EGR, these engines attain compliance with Tier 4i regulations


An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential locks in relation to steering angle and speed.


A system integrated in the hydraulic system which reduces thermal losses, improves efficiency and recovers energy that would otherwise be wasted. When the lift and distributors are not in use, a specific solenoid valve returns the hydraulic fluid flow directly to the transmission housing.


To simplify repetitive headland manoeuvres, a sequence of operations can be set and recalled simply from a single button.


A system ensuring an effective and immediate response from the brake system in all conditions with minimal pressure on the pedal by maintaining a constant pressure in the relative hydraulic circuit.

Sense Clutch

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches (one clutch pack for each direction) and an electronic control unit. Efficient, robust, reliable and flexible.

Over Speed

Drivable at 40 Km/h with the engine at economy speed: lower fuel consumption and increased driver comfort.


Integral all-round braking system consisting of multiple wet disc brakes integrated in the front and rear axles. Excellent safety even when working on steep gradients.



VRT ASM transmission; sprung front axles and air-sprung cab suspension; Power Brake system. SDD steering system and hydraulic system with 90 l/min pump and electrohydraulic auxiliary distributors. Cab with automatic climate control, DELUXE driver seat and passenger seat.


VRT transmission; four PTO and ISOBUS speeds. Hydraulic system with 90 l/min pump and electrohydraulic distributors. Rear lift with load capacity up to 6,600 Kg.


VRT transmission; Power Brake system. SDD steering system. Rear lift with load capacity up to 6,600 Kg and radar system. Cab with mechanical suspension, climate control and passenger seat.


Provision for installation of front loader (Light or Ready Kit) and 60ECO hydraulic system. Steering pump with SDD system. Cab with high visibility roof and FOPS protection.


VRT transmission; Power Brake system. Sprung front axle. Cab with suspension, automatic climate control and passenger seat.