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Spire F Target

Spire F Target

80 - 80.4 - 90 - 90.4 - 100 - 105
The simplicity you need for everyday tasks

Pure practicality answering the need for a simple, economical and functional tractor.
Tractors with a cabless platform offering the ideal solution for the day to day necessities of the fruit orchard, combining the capability of working with any implement with low running costs.


Unmistakeable design in pure Lamborghini Trattori style.
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FARMotion engines - the perfect combination of power and torque.
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A mechanical transmission that's just as effective as a more complex system.
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Hydraulic system

The superior qualities of the hydraulic system are not just apparent when working with implements, but also when driving.
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Meeting the challenge for a comfortable, safe driver area.
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80 80.4 90 90.4 100 105
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)75/55.4 75/55.4 83/61.5 84/61.8 91/67 97/71.5
Maximum torque (Nm)342353354354369408
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)3/28874/38493/2887 4/38493/28874/3849
Lifting capacity (kg)260026002600280026002800
Minimum width (mm)146614501597158415971624
Weight with ROPS (kg)262027702620277026302770



Four-wheel integral braking system, with: oversized rear multi-disc brakes on both of the rear differential output shafts, and hydraulically operated inboard front brakes.