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Sturdy, compact and unstoppable

The CF is a particularly sturdy compact crawler designed specifically for working between crop rows and for general tasks.Crawlers have played a key role in the history of Lamborghini Tractors. Over the years these tractors have evolved in conformation and technology to become hard-working tools with innovative style and impressive performance which can tackle different types of fruit orchard every day easily and comfortably.


Conceived for the toughest conditions.
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4,000 cc Euro III Turbo Intercooler engines: they won't let you down, even in the heaviest duty jobs.
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Simple, precise manoeuvres: driving is as easy as childs' play.
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Hydraulic system

A hydraulic system with two separate circuits and dual pumps ensure unparalleled efficiency in all conditions.
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The same outstanding comfort as a wheeled tractor, with total stability and vibration insulation.
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Maximum power (hp/kW)85/62,595/70
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)85/62,595/70
Maximum torque (Nm)345373
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)4/40004/4000
Lifting capacity (kg)28002800
Minimum width (mm)13601460




Agile and compact in size, with a total footprint of just 1,360 mm and a track chain width of 310 mm, this is the ideal tractor for working in restricted conditions such as the inter-row spaces of the narrowest fruit orchard.


Ideal for vineyards and negotiating narrow passages, with a track chain width of just 360 mm.The lowered positions of the driving seat and tanks keep the width of the crawler down to 1,460 mm. Broad suspended platform, and a total width of 1,460 mm.


Ideal for hilly terrain and steep gradients, the M version of the CF may be equipped with track chains either 400 or 450 mm in width, and features a Heavy Duty bogies and a broad platform, for a total vehicle width of 1,750/1,800 mm. With its low centre of gravity and long track chains, this crawler can keep on going in any terrain conditions, and tackle even the steepest gradients where wheeled tractors simply cannot go.
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