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A compact tractor packing impressive power

Boasting extremely compact dimensions an incredibly tight steering angle (55 degrees with four wheel drive and 70 degrees with two wheel drive) and superlative manoeuvrability the RF is the ideal tractor for working with maximum productivity in the most limited spaces. Conceived to work in the vineyard and fruit orchard with a limited overall height low centre of gravity and impressive traction even in the most challenging terrain conditions this tractor delivers extraordinary results.


Intelligently designed not only to maximise performance but also to significantly minimise overall dimensions.
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Engines conceived and built to deliver the best, drawing from Lamborghini's extensive experience.
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Transmissions developed together with the Engineering Division of SDF, with class-beating solutions for specialised applications.
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Hydraulic system

A hydraulic system available in a wide choice of configurations: the right solution for every need.
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Driver zone with optimised space usage for total manoeuvrability without sacrificing comfort.
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Maximum power (hp/kW)82/6085/6396/71106/78
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)82/6085/6396/71106/78
Maximum torque (Nm)310345373390
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)3/30004/40004/40004/4000
Lifting capacity (kg)3000300030003000
Minimum width (mm)1450145014501450



The system uses sensors to monitor a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Different engine speeds can also be set and recalled simply from a dedicated button.

Sense Clutch

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches (one clutch pack for each direction) and an electronic control unit. Efficient, robust, reliable and flexible.

Stop & Go

A system maximising the potential of the Sense Clutch power shuttle for superlative manoeuvrability. The driver can temporarily stop the tractor using the brake pedals alone.

Over Speed

Drivable at 40 Km/h with the engine at economy speed: lower fuel consumption and increased driver comfort.


Designed to offer the most effective drive ratio in every possible situation. Three powershift speeds are available for each of the mechanical gears, letting the driver alter tractor speed with no interruption in torque delivery.


Integral all-round braking system consisting of multiple wet disc brakes integrated in the front and rear axles. Excellent safety even when working on steep gradients.


Designed with specific technical solutions and constructed with special materials, the injection system is fully compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.


Touches hidráulicas para a gestão da antecipação da injecção. Quando o óleo está frio, as touches elevam ligeiramente a bomba para permitir uma injecção antecipada: rendimento optimizado logo à partida e eliminação dos fumos brancos provocados pelo arranque a frio dos motores.
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