Lamborghini style

The fascination of a living legend


The Lamborghini range, expression of strength and style


Lamborghini Trattori has available now the all new tractor range, a perfect combination of innovation and style in agriculture.

A range characterized by innovative design by Giugiaro, particular attention to detail and cutting-edge technological solutions, elements which give rise to an inimitable style, conceived for those who also want to stand out from the crowd when at work in the field.

The new models are a combination of performance, comfort and design, which expresses the ethos of the Lamborghini brand, always alive with advanced technical development from its origins up to the present day.
Six ranges are available. Lamborghini Mach VRT, the flagship of the raging bull brand with up to 265 horsepower, a constant variable transmission coupled with top class technology and comfort. The Lamborghini Spark series, with tractors from 120 to 210 horsepower, offered with four or six cylinders engines, Powershift or CShift or VRT transmissions, with a wide choice of models and versions to be operational in all situations. The Lamborghini Nitro R, Nitro and Nitro VRTs, machines from 90 Hp to 130 Hp for a medium power range with a strong and decisive character. With the Lamborghini Strike the customer can choose the right model – out of 11 different available versions from 80 to 115 horsepower. The Lamborghini Spire is available from 60 to 100 hp and last but not least with the new EGO the customer can choose the right model between 35 to 55 hp.

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