Front Loader

Front Loader

Integrated strength

Engineered for total compatibility with R2 R2 Target R3 R4 R6 and NITRO tractors the factory-fitted kits allowing the installation of Lamborghini front loaders are available as two versions: Light Kit and Ready Kit. With a maximum lift height of up to four metres hydraulic or mechanical self-levelling and mechanical or electrohydraulic controls these front loaders offer the ideal solution for any situation.

Materials and components

Superior manufacturing processes and materials.
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Comfortable to drive and work with

When you use a Lamborghini front loader, the results are clearly visible: as is the work area in front of and above the tractor.
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The "Light Kit" consists of the entire mounting frame for the loader.


As well as the entire mounting frame, the "Ready Kit" also includes the hydraulic and electrical systems for the loader and the control joystick.
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