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New Spark and Mach


Hannover (Germany), 12th November 2017

Lamborghini Trattori has increased its product offering with the new Spark and Mach models extending the power range, with the unmistakeable style of the Italian brand.

In the medium power segment, the Spark range now includes the new 120, 130 and 140 models, equipped with latest generation FARMotion 4-cylinder engines, to ensure even better performance levels and reduced consumption thanks to the adoption of a highly developed SCR which ensures compliance at the most advanced level in terms of polluting emissions (Stage IV).
Productivity of Spark models is guaranteed both in the field and on road thanks to the transmissions with Automatic Powershift, the hydraulic reverse shuttle with Stop&Go, SpeedMatching, the Comfort Clutch device and the brand new Hydraulic Engine Brake (HEB) which increases safety while driving on roads and at the same time reduces brake wear. Additional options are included.

The Spark range is enhanced further with 9 additional models in the power band of 156 to 226 HP and offers a level of possible configurations second to none in this egment, the range is available with both 4 or 6-cylinder engines, three different types of transmission, different configurations of the hydraulic system, and various outfitting levels for the MaxiVision cabs. These models are available with the coveted VRT continuously variable transmission, a modern 6-stage powershift (with SpeedMatching) and a fully robotised highly developed RCShift transmission. Maximum speed can be reached with all transmission versions with the engine running at an economical, super-economical or ultra-economical speed. PTO configurations include (540, 540 ECO, 1000 and 1000 ECO), with proportional electro-hydraulic engagement. The hydraulic system is new. The driver's compartment is a real technological "area", ergonomic and comfortable, with the new InfoCentrePro, as well as the availability of the 8" or 12" iMonitor.

The high power range of Lamborghini Trattori is completed with the new Mach 230 VRT and Mach 250 VRT, two models developed to handle heavy duty work, minimising the costs of resources and working hours, thanks to efficiency levels which are second to none. The Machs are fitted with new Deutz 6.1 Stage IV engines and are also coupled with high-efficiency VRT transmissions and innovative brakes and axles ensuring optimal driving comfort with maximum safety.Thanks to the intuitive controls and a new multifunctional arm, the comfort and ergonomic level of the MaxiVision2 cab are exceptional, allowing the operator to work stress-free, in an environment which is both pleasant and specifically designed down to every detail.

Once again Lamborghini Trattori stands out for the productivity - the result of a passion for excellence.


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