Spire S/V VRT Stage V

Spire S/V VRT

Class beating performance, with unmatched style.

Superlative performance, productivity and comfort in a specialised tractor. Whether working in the orchard, vineyard or used for public grounds care or landscaping tasks, the tractors of the Lamborghini Spire S/V VRT Stage V family are conceived for uncompromised productivity. The Spire S/V VRT family redefines the concept of a specialised tractor for highly demanding applications. Features like the VRT continuously variable transmission, supremely comfortable, latest generation cab and potent hydraulic system ensure class-beating productivity. Each Spire S/V VRT tractor can be configured individually to meet the specific needs of the working with high value crops. Total configurability: every aspect of these tractors, from equipment and hydraulics to the PTOs, can be chosen to respond to the specific needs of your business and its activities.


Not just great-looking, smart, too! All the class of the Lamborghini brand in a highly efficient, high-performance specialised tractor.
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FARMotion - engines with class. Sophisticated powerplants catering for the needs of any application.
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VRT: carefree performance.Continuously variable transmissions transforming power effectively into productivity in any situation.
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Hydraulic system

Outstanding hydraulic performance. When you're working with a specialised tractor with the hydraulics of a full sized machine, nothing is impossible.
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Class beating cabs. On board a Spire S/V VRT tractor, comfort and elegance go hand in hand with function.
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iMonitor 3

Full control of the tractor and its work.
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SDF Guidance

Steering systems precise to the centimetre.
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Simplifies communication between tractor and implement.
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SDF Data Management

Customised data management solutions.
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SDF Fleet Management

Control your fleet.
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Technical sheetExpandCollapse

Maximum power (hp/kW)67/9175/10270/9578/10685/116 (93/126 Overboost)
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)63,5/8671,1/9766,4/9074/10180,6/110
Maximum torque (Nm)372417389433472
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)3/2887
Lifting capacity (kg)2600
Minimum width (mm)1267-1517
Weight with cab (kg)3265-3920



An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle, speed and rear lift position (depending on model).


Steering double displacement. This is a dual rotor steering pump activated and deactivated using a button. A dedicated solenoid valve changes the displacement of the steering pump. This halves the number of steering wheel turns necessary to perform manoeuvres.

Cat 4 cabin

With Cat.4 filtration according to EN 15695 standards, the cab offers protection against dust, aerosols and vapours. This protection means that the cab qualifies as PPE. The driver can work safely without wearing additional masks and overalls during spraying.

Jolly Buttons

To the freely programmable buttons the operator can assign the power shuttle, the fast steering system, the rear lift, the hydraulic valves and even more functions. This makes the daily work intuitive and extremely comfortable.


XTEND allows the display area to be extended easily, with a tablet, for example. You can either display the guidance application or even fully control all ISOBUS-UT functions – with your tablet! It is a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative solution to a second terminal.


The Auto-Turn feature allows automatic turns to be performed on the headland. You as the driver can decide which track to steer into. Different patterns are available – whether to skip lines or fill plots. Benefit from added convenience, decreased soil compaction on the headland and time saved!


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