Spire S/V Target

Spire S/V Target

A technological revolution crowned with superior driver comfort

Both on the road and between the rows, Spire S/V Target tractors revolutionise the way you work with exclusive, class-beating characteristics such as independent front suspension, which increases stability and safety in all terrain conditions. With their extraordinarily compact dimensions, these tractors are perfectly at home in even the most narrowly spaced fruit orchard and vineyard. This has been made possible by the unique geometry of the front axle carrier, allowing for a minimum steering radius of just 3 m. Featuring FARMotion engines 35, and with a hydraulic reverse shuttle, Stop&Go and ComfortClutch offered on the GS version, these tractors are a concentrated package of technology. The LS version, with a mechanical reverse shuttle, is extraordinarily efficient. The hydraulic and electronic systems work in concert to offer unrivalled control and stability.


Lamborghini Trattori: the essence of style.
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The FARMotion 35 - an engine conceived for instantly responsive delivery.
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A transmission that's a pleasure to use, allowing the driver to maintain the ideal speed for any task in the professional fruit orchard and vineyard world.
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Hydraulic system

Demanding only the best from a hydraulic system is a must when you're working in the fruit orchard and vineyard.
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Agile, comfortable and completely at home between the narrow rows typical of specialised farming.
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Maximum power (hp/kW)55.8/76
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW)55.2/75
Maximum torque (Nm)341
Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc)3/2887
Lifting capacity (kg)2800
Minimum width (mm)1441
Weight with cab (kg)2995



DTC stands for Differential Traction Control. This is an electronically controlled differential with an automatic, progressively engaged differential locking system. The front and rear differentials are capable of locking by up to 100% to prevent the wheels from slipping and maintain constant traction in varying grip conditions. The DTC significantly improves performance on the road and in the field.
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