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R3 Export

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R3 80-85-90-95-100

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Cross is the tractor which, in addition to Lamborghini Trattori unmistakable character, ergonomics and comfort, combines reliability, excellent performance, simplified maintenance and low operating costs.  Strong and rational at the same time, it is offered in the 75-100 HP versions, with 2WD or 4WD, and represents the ideal solution for those looking for a versatile and easy-to-use tractor which you can demand a lot from in any usage conditions.

Additional Info

  • Subtitle 75 - 80 - 85 - 90 - 95 - 100
  • Group in product menu Cross
  • claim Simplicity in Lamborghini style
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  • design intro

    Rigorous and functional design

  • design

    Like all Lamborghini tractors, also Cross was designed in collaboration with Giugiaro Design which, in addition to the aesthetics, focussed on the functionality and ergonomics of the controls, in addition to easy access to the mechanical parts.

  • engine intro

    A durable and generous engine

  • engine

    Cross adopts the most reliable engine of the Lamborghini range, specifically designed to endure the most intense stress: the tried and tested 75, 85 and 90 HP SDF 1000, a 4000 cc 4-cylinder aspirated and turbo engine with independent high pressure pump. A robust and tireless engine that ensures optimum performance and reduced fuel consumption on any terrain and in any conditions.

  • transmission intro

    A reliable transmission and lots of safety

  • transmission

    Cross adopts as standard a 4-speed 3- stage (12 +12) synchronised transmission which already provides the pace best suited to any activity. For more versatility, options include a 16 +16 transmission or the 40 km/h version with 20+20 transmission. Also the shuttle is fully synchronised. The self-locking differential and hydrostatic wet disk brakes on 4 wheels allow both routine operations as well as the most demanding jobs to be performed in safety.

  • hydraulic system intro

    Full control and easy operation

  • hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system, with a capacity of up to 56 l/min, is among the most powerful in the category and allows optimal use of any equipment. The steering, controlled by an independent pump, is fluid and light and offers easy vehicle control both in the field and on the farm. The high level of operability of the tractor is ensured by the rear lift that can lift up to 4,700 kg and by the completely independent 540-1000 rpm PTO with dry clutch, also available with power socket.

  • cab intro

    Essential comfort

  • cab

    According to the Lamborghini style, albeit in the simplicity of the design, Cross offers superior comfort for its category, with a comfortable driving position and controls ergonomically positioned at the driver's side for easy, intuitive manoeuvring.

  • Sheet Version number 75 Stage I|80 Stage II|85 Stage I|90 Stage II|95 Stage I|100 Stage II
  • Maximum power (hp/kW) 74/54.5|74/54.7|84/62|88/64.6|95/69|95/69
  • Maximum torque (Nm) 256|260|283|350|321|375
  • Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc) 4/4000
  • Lifting capacity (kg) 3450|3450|3084|3084|3084|3084
  • Minimum width (mm) 2430|2430|2290|2290|2290|2290
  • Weight with ROPS (kg) 2775 kg (4WD) - 2450 kg (2WD) | 2775 kg (4WD) - 2450 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD)
  • Weight with ROPS (kg) 2775 kg (4WD) - 2450 kg (2WD) | 2775 kg (4WD) - 2450 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD) | 3275 kg (4WD) - 2870 kg (2WD)
  • Categorization

  • Categorization Power Range Min 75
  • Categorization Power Range Max 100
  • Categorization Track Width Min 2245
  • Categorization Track Width Max 2360
  • Categorization Cylinders n. 4
  • Categorization Trasmission MECHANICAL
  • Stock Availability N
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Intro Front Loaders

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Engineered for total compatibility with tractors.

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intro Vineyards and orchards

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The perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions.

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  • Categorization

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Intro Open Field

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To face the toughest works in the open field.

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  • Categorization

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R3 tractors are conceived to be functional and easy to use in the many different applications demanded by a farm. Featuring liquid cooled engines, high pressure fuel injectors and a mechanical reverse shuttle, and offered with 2 or 4 wheel drive, R3 tractors are equipped with hydraulic system with a 56 l/m pump and offer a particularly comfortable driver zone. While essential in their simplicity, these tractors offer outstanding performance for the price.

Additional Info

  • Subtitle 80 - 85 - 90 - 95 - 100
  • Group in product menu R3
  • claim Essential simplicity
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  • design intro

    Lamborghini in every detail.

  • design

    The perfect size and compact forms for excellent manoeuvrability: boasting the typical attention to detail found in every Lamborghini tractor, R3 tractors stand out from the crowd in any situation.

  • engine intro
    R3 features2

    85 and 95 hp engines for outstanding performance.

  • engine

    The R3 tractor range is equipped with Tier I, 4.0 litre, 4 cylinder engines in naturally aspirated (85 hp) or turbocharged (95 hp) guise to cater for the specific needs of different agricultural applications.
    Featuring high pressure injectors, these technologically advanced engines deliver the performance needed while keeping fuel consumption low.

  • transmission intro
    R3 features3

    A simple and versatile transmission.

  • transmission

    To offer the best performance possible combines with superb manoeuvrability in the field, the R3 tractor range is offered with 2 wheel drive with a synchronised gearbox and 12/12 speeds, or with 4 wheel drive with a synchronised 40 Km/h gearbox and 15/15 speeds (or 20/20 for version with creeper). The PTO is completely independent and offers two selectable speeds (540 and 1,000 rpm).

  • hydraulic system intro

    An efficient, perfectly calibrated hydraulic system.


  • hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system uses a 56 l/min fixed displacement pump, which delivers a powerful flow of oil sufficient for any need. The system may include up to three auxiliary valves, for superlative flexibility in any agricultural application. The lift has a capacity of up to 4,200 kg.

  • cab intro
    R3 features1

    A comfortable and easily accessible driver zone.

  • cab

    The easily accessible driver zone is equipped with comprehensive instrumentation ensuring simple, intuitive operation. The driver may adjust the steering wheel and seat as preferred for maximum comfort in all working conditions.

  • Sheet Version number 80|85|90|95|100
  • Maximum power (hp/kW) 75/55 | 85/62.5 | 90/66 | 92/67.7 | 94.6/69.9
  • Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW) 74/54.7 | 85/62.5 | 87/64.6 | 92/67.7 | 96/70
  • Maximum torque (Nm) 257 | 277 | 344 | 330 | 375
  • Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc) 4/4000 | 4/4000 | 4/4000 | 4/4000 | 4/4000
  • Lifting capacity (kg) 4200
  • Minimum width (mm) 1950 | 1950 | 2050 | 2050 | 2050
  • Weight with ROPS (kg) 3000 | 3100 | 3200 | 3200 | 3200
  • Categorization

  • Categorization Power Range Min 80/85
  • Categorization Power Range Max 95/100
  • Categorization Track Width Min 1600
  • Categorization Track Width Max 2100
  • Categorization Cylinders n. 4
  • Categorization Trasmission MECHANICAL
  • Stock Availability N
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Agritechnica Innovation award 2013

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Lamborghini has been awarded two silver medals in the Agritechnica Innovations awards 2013.

Monday, 28 October 2013 08:19


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The style and performance of Lamborghini tractors are waiting for you from 12th to 16th November in Hannover (Germany) at Agritechnica 2013, Hall 4, Stand B 27For more information about the event:

More information on:

We look forward to welcoming you at Agritechnica fair.

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