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Here is an overview of all functionalities that can be managed by our machines (depending on equipment):

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 10:05

SDF Fleet Management

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Control your fleet.

Thursday, 14 November 2019 10:05

SDF Data Management

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Customised data management solutions.

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Simplifies communication between tractor and implement.

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Full control of the tractor and its work.

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SDF Guidance

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Precise working to the centimetre.

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Product Range 2020

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Product Range 2020

Friday, 18 October 2019 12:26

CROSS R 46 - 50 - 55 - 60

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Cross R

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The new Cross R Series features a modern driver zone designed in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics. Conceived specifically for emerging new markets, the range consists of 4 models with power outputs from 45 to 60 HP and with 2 or 4 wheel drive. These machines are built tough but with contemporary, aggressive looks. With their sturdy construction, tried-and-tested engines and transmissions and high performance hydraulic rear lifts, these tractors can work effectively with many implements that would normally only be usable with much bigger, more powerful tractors.

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  • Subtitle 46 - 50 - 55 - 60
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  • design intro

    Incomparable style and attention to detail. An unbeatable combination.

    Cross R 60 Design 470x300

  • design

    The extraordinary efficiency of the new Cross R range is matched by exclusive, sophisticated style in keeping with Lamborghini Trattori tradition. Every last detail has been designed with meticulous care.

  • engine intro

    Total reliability

  • engine

    The new Cross R family is powered by engines of renowned reliability and fuel efficiency. All the engines offered feature a compact 3 cylinder architecture for uncompromised manoeuvrability.
    The Cross R 46 is equipped with a 2700 cm³ naturally aspirated Simpson engine, with a maximum power output of 45 HP; the Cross R 50, on the other hand, is powered by a turbocharged SDF 1000 Series engine, produces up to 50 HP. The same SDF 1000, but with the addition of an intercooler, powers the Cross R 55 and 60 models with a maximum power output of 55 and 60 HP respectively. All the engines offered are compliant with Stage III A emissions regulations. Compliance with these regulations has been attained without an exhaust aftertreatment system - meaning no extra parts needing additional maintenance or the use of additives. The extraordinary fuel efficiency of these engines means that the 55 litre tank is more than adequate to keep Cross R tractors working uninterruptedly for hours on end even in the toughest conditions.
    The modern, tapered design of the steel cowl, and the location of the engine air filter, situated under the cowl and out of the line of sight of the operator, ensure an unobstructed forward view.

  • transmission intro

    Highly customisable

    Cross R 60 Transmission 470x300

  • transmission

    Based on a 4 speed gearbox with two or three ranges, the transmission is offered in 8+2 ,12+3, 8+8 or 12+12 speed configurations to cater for even the most demanding applications. All models of the Cross R range have a top speed of 34 km/h, for safe, rapid transport by road.
    With the addition of the optional creeper gear, Cross R tractors are also ideal for very low speed applications, capable of ground speeds of just 500 metres per hour at maximum engine speed in the lowest gear.
    The generously sized dry clutch with state of the art pedal linkage is comfortable and effortless to use, for setting off smoothly even when working with heavy, high draft force implements.
    To extend the already impressive capabilities of these tractors in standard configuration, a special set of waterproof seals is available for working in particularly difficult conditions such as rice paddies.

  • hydraulic system intro

    A PTO capable of working with any implement and Astonishing performance

    Cross R 60 Hydraulics 470x300

  • hydraulic system

    The comprehensive PTO package equipping the Cross R is extraordinarily versatile, for outstanding productivity whether working with high or low power demand implements. In addition to the classic 540 rpm speed mode, the PTO is also available as optional variants with 1000 rpm, 540 ECO or 540 rpm reverse modes. The PTO is engaged and disengaged with a dual action dry plate clutch operated progressively with a practical hand lever, for starting even implements with high rotating masses smoothly and gradually.
    The open centre hydraulic system is fed by a gear pump with a maximum output of 31 l/min (or 27 l/min on the Cross R 46), and features 2-way (or, as an option, 4-way) rear distributors.
    For superior comfort, all models are equipped with hydraulic power steering fed by a dedicated pump that is completely separate from the main pump, for impeccably smooth steering action even at low engine speeds and while the lift or hydraulic distributors are in use. The rear lift (with Cat. III three-point linkage) has an impressive maximum lift capacity of 1600 kg (or 1250 kg for the Cross R 46), and is equipped as standard with the Easylift system.

  • cab intro

    Flat platform and superior ergonomic design

    Cross R 60 Cabin 470x300

  • cab

    With every detail designs in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics, the driver zone is comfortable and functional and offers excellent forward visibility.
    The all-flat platform facilitates access, while the adjustable driver seat, offered as standard, includes an effective mechanical suspension system adjustable to suit the weight of the operator. Intelligently organised controls and a modern analogue instrument cluster ensure that all the main operating parameters of the machine are clearly visible at all times, maximising productivity.
    These tractors are available with a robust two-pillar rear ROPS structure and steel hand rails on the rear mudguards.

  • Sheet Version number 75 Stage I|80 Stage II|85 Stage I|90 Stage II|95 Stage I|100 Stage II
  • Maximum power (hp/kW) 45/33 | 50/36,8 | 55/40,4|60/44,1
  • Homologated power (2000/25/EC) at rated engine speed (hp/kW) 45/33 | 50/36,8 | 55/40,4|60/44,1
  • Maximum torque (Nm) 180 | 184 | 201 | 221
  • Cylinders / displacement (n°/cc) 3/2700| 3/3000| 3/3000 | 3/3000
  • Minimum width (mm) 1800 | 1800 | 1800 | 1800
  • Weight with cab (kg) 2500/2100 | 2500/2100 | 2500/2100| 2500/2100
  • Weight with cab (kg) 2500/2100 | 2500/2100 | 2500/2100| 2500/2100
  • Categorization

  • Categorization Power Range Min 45
  • Categorization Power Range Max 60
  • Categorization Track Width Min 1462
  • Categorization Track Width Max 1488
  • Categorization Cylinders n. 3
  • Categorization Trasmission MECHANICAL
  • Stock Availability N
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