Central control unit which enables the management of all types of Precision Farming applications.

Working days can be long and demanding. As a central control element, the iMonitor can offer you assistance and provide you with the highest level of comfort. It includes various tractor settings, guidance systems, ISOBUS control and data management. The iMonitor is easy to operate and includes a state-of-the-art touchscreen. A crucial feature, considering its large number of functions: everything is available in one interface, conveniently integrated in the armrest. The iMonitor3 is a highly practical interface connecting driver, tractor, device and office. This helps you take the best advantage, and even increase the performance, of your machine. Offered in two sizes, the iMonitor3 is available as a factory option or can be retrofitted on any type of machine.

Integrated and intuitive

The processor of the iMonitor3 was built to ensure reliable performance even during those long working days when several applications are running at the same time.

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Optionally, tractors can be equipped with a MMI which is fully integrated into the armrest.

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Tractor settings

The main page dedicated to the tractor provides the driver with an overview of all major details e.g. oil temperature or engine load.

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Headland Management

The Comfortip is a state-of-the-art headland management system fully integrated in the iMonitor interface.

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Remote Access

Still, even if such a clear menu structure means it's very easy to operate, we know that you might still have some questions.

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Data Management

Efficient data management is increasingly gaining significance in order to optimise work processes for farm and field management.

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In combination with our SDF GNSS receivers, the iMonitor includes the ability for both manual and automatic guidance applications as standard – depending on the receiver model.

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The iMonitor3 is a fully AEF ISOBUS compliant terminal and offers different applications: a great number of functions are even available without having to activate them, such as the assignment of AUX functions to different buttons on the armrest or to shortcut keys on the iMonitor (AUX-N).

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Cameras offer the best overview – not only through the the iMonitor's personal interface, but also according to your environment.

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The standard version of the iMonitor includes a large number of functions.

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