Electronics make agricultural machinery smarter, more powerful, more precise and more efficient.

The concept of ISOBUS is: communication through a common language, independent from device and manufacturer. This has become especially important since many different manufacturers started developing electronic hardware and software applications to avoid functionality issues. Knowing that machinery on a farm might consist of equipment from different manufacturers, ISOBUS ensures standardised communication interfaces. Thanks to its reliable and secure operations, the number of machines equipped with ISOBUS is significantly increasing. The benefits of using ISOBUS technology and its wide range of functions are obvious. Our tractors can be equipped with ISOBUS, which allows to use a wide number of features. They include TECU, which works as a kind of “job computer” on the tractor. In addition, a rear (and optionally front) socket is available to connect an ISOBUS certified device from any manufacturer. Inside the cab, a terminal socket on the b-pillar allows to connect any ISOBUS compliant terminal. To operate an ISOBUS device, you can equip our machines with the iMonitor3, which is fully ISOBUS compliant. It is available in two sizes and provides various features – and many of them don't even need to be activated.


The concept developed by Lamborghini Trattori includes the ability to use only one clearly structured terminal for all features – this provides maximum working comfort and a better overview.

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The standard version of the iMonitor includes a large number of functions. We know that working with multiple complex applications at the same time is becoming more and more usual.

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TIM (Tractor Implement Management) is a new ISOBUS feature which allows for bidirectional communication.

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Here is an overview of all functionalities that can be managed by our machines (depending on equipment):

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